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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Dear Colleagues‚

This is to introduce our newly published ‘American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies’. American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies is a peer-reviewed journal published monthly by Petrotex Educational Team. AJOCT is dedicated to increase the depth of the subject across disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge in this subject.

This Journal publishes reports on improvements of petroleum and natural gas improvements. It also publishes research and review papers on cracking and refining techniques for the production of high-quality fuels and oils. The journal includes timely manuscripts in below fields of petroleum and chemical engineering:

  • Modern technologies  of  petroleum  and chemical  engineering and  thermal sciences;
  • Petroleum and gas exploration;
  • Environmental friendly processes;
  • Gas  separation and  purification;
  • Process  design and development;
  • Reaction engineering;
  • Microbiological oil degradation;
  • Nanotechnology in petroleum industry;
  • Novel flow plans for refineries.

American Journal of Oil and Chemical Technologies provides the scientific opportunity for all areas of above subjects. It welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence‚ and will publish:

  • Case studies
  • Original and experimental research papers
  • Review Papers
  • Critical reviews‚ opinions‚ commentaries and essays

You are invited to submit your papers via sending them to: A paper receipt will be sent to you shortly if we successfully receive your manuscript. You will be notified about the preliminary decision of our editing committee within 2 weeks from the time of submission. Later‚ in about 4 weeks‚ you will be asked to make necessary editing changes in your paper via our editing team. Following acceptance‚ your paper will normally be published in the next issue. Instruction for authors and other details are available on our website at

We have also planned a part for editing improvement in our website. There‚ you can send us your paper in order to be edited for better English fluency. Remember that the papers should be written in pure English and your paper could be rejected in diverse journals if it does not comply with English paper editing regulations. Via that part of Petrotex‚ you can have your paper edited by native English and American experts.

We hope that Petrotex will take a new giant step toward improvement of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering in near future and it will never succeed without your kind and beneficial help.

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